About Us

Vegas Pet Rescue Project is a Nevada State Registered NonProfit and an IRS registered Federal 501(c)(3).

Our Mission

Our dream at Vegas Pet Rescue Project is to positively impact the Las Vegas homeless, abused and abandoned pets that overwhelm our shelter system by giving them a new lease on LIFE.

Our primary focus will be to assist the local animal shelters (Animal Foundation and Henderson Shelter) with the pets who have been given limited time to be adopted before they are removed from the shelter system due to a multitude of reasons. We take in owner surrendered pets very often when pet owners can no longer keep them. We will accomplish all of this goal through our extensive network of foster families, donations, and sponsors.

We also have financed a spay and neuter program to help low income families be responsible pet owners and decrease the overpopulation issues we face in Vegas. We spay/neutered/vaccinated and chipped 75 dogs & cats in 2022! We do have an owner assistance program and have spent thousands helping low income pet owners pay for the emergent medical attention their baby needs.

We have been helping the pet rescue efforts in the city and surrounding areas for 7 years now and we look forward to many more successful years to come.

Our Impact